Billion dollar scam  extortion by Credit card Companies
| 19 Sep 2019

Billion dollar scam extortion by Credit card Companies Why Government is so evasive to take action

Indian Banking specially Private Banks are highly involved in stealing the money from the accounts of customers ,charging illegal charges from the customers on fake pretext . all the banks are fairly indulged in all unfair means to extort money from the customers , and also Bank used its customer money for doing business and other trading business without giving the part of benefit to its customers .

Very importantly for pondering upon is the way of payment Gateways for credit card payment , Yes
If you are using credit card regularly and pay the bill of credit card through internet you can find so many gateways apart from the banks site which are more visible on the Google when you search for them and very importantly these outside payment gateways are authrised to collect the payment on behalf of the bank from the customers

Most of you generally pay on or before one day from the due date so if you pay through other payment gateway these gateways release the payment to the Credit card company within three days from the date of payment made on .

So generally these payment gateways do not release the payment on time which mean a heavy penalty is imposed on credit card holder as a late payment fee . so billion rupees scam in a month that too on white paper

That kind of issues related to Banking credit card has been raised many time lacs of cases are pending in the court , Bank use bouncers and a team of goons to recover amount
Earlier RBI has imposed a fine of Rs. One crore on HDFC for misusing customer’s money interestingly scam by HDFC was of thousands of crore but the solved it just by giving one crore and some tip to RBI officials

Why government is ignoring delibraitly such a big scam ?? no one know and it is not that Government doent know this , infact this big loot and scam is happening with the consent